Travelogue: Dosewallips and Long Beach

Every fall, we head to Dosewallips State Park to catch the salmon spawning and elk grazing in the meadows from the comfort of a cabin (more on previous years’ trips here). This year, we also added on a stay in Long Beach to replace a Washington coast getaway that we had to cancel earlier this year due to the pandemic.

This year a herd of elk made themselves right at home next to our cabin

I loved the completely different environments — forest and wildlife at Dosewallips and then a moody beach (with a whole day of sunshine for our e-bike rental) in Long Beach.

Hiking at Murhut Falls

We had cooking facilities in both spots (our camp stove at the cabin and a small but workable kitchen at Boardwalk Cottages), but picked up a take-out lunch in town and a few ice cream treats.

It was so nice to be able to take advantage of the outdoor activities available in both places – hiking, biking, beach time and cranberry picking kept us busy but socially distant from other folks.

Riding e-bikes on the Long Beach Discovery Trail
Cranberry picking at Cranguyma Farms

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