Iron Springs Resort Getaway

Normally at this time of year I’d be plotting the final details of a mid-winter international trip (we’ve done India, Egypt/Jordan, Spain/Portugal, etc), but because of the pandemic all of our getaways (which we are still so privileged to have) have been close to home.

Since my birthday is this month, I planned a mid-week stay at Iron Springs Resort . Located on the western side of the Olympic Peninsula near Ocean Shores and an hour from the rain forest near Lake Quinault, it was a perfect escape even in the crazy wind and rain.

We found some slightly more sheltered hikes, snuggled on the couch with a movie and some molten chocolate lava cakes and lucked out with sun breaks on our last morning so we could enjoy the beach for a bit.

I wrote more about our stay in an article for Seattle’s Child.

James and Julia loved splashing in the puddles along the Quinault Rain Forest Nature Trail
Venturing out of the tree cover along the Narnia Trail near Seabrook
Strolling the boardwalk at the Sandpiper Trail in Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge